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    SubjectRe: CFS review

    * Al Boldi <> wrote:

    > No need for framebuffer. All you need is X using the
    > vesa-driver. Then start gears like this:
    > # gears & gears & gears &
    > Then lay them out side by side to see the periodic stallings for
    > ~10sec.

    i just tried something similar (by adding Option "NoDRI" to xorg.conf)
    and i'm wondering how it can be smooth on vesa-driver at all. I tested
    it on a Core2Duo box and software rendering manages to do about 3 frames
    per second. (although glxgears itself thinks it does ~600 fps) If i
    start 3 glxgears then they do ~1 frame per second each. This is on
    Fedora 7 with xorg-x11-server-Xorg- and

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