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    Subjectcpusets vs cpu-hotplug interaction is broken?
    (cpu-hotplug experts cc'ed)

    On 08/25, Oleg Nesterov wrote:
    > After the brief look at kernel/cpuset.c, it seems that attach_task() should
    > guarantee that the task can't use CPUs outside of cpuset->cpus_allowed.
    > But this looks racy wrt sched_setaffinity() which does
    > cpus_allowed = cpuset_cpus_allowed(p);
    > // callback_mutex is free
    > set_cpus_allowed(p);
    > What if attach_task()->set_cpus_allowed() happens in between?

    Actually, I think there is another problem, and cpuset_cpus_allowed() is
    just broken wrt CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU.

    Suppose that CONFIG_CPUSETS is true, but we don't use cpusets. In that
    case all tasks in system belong to the top_cpuset (btw, why cpuset_init()
    sets init_task.cpuset? this was already done by cpuset_init_early()), and
    we should have the same behaviour as without CONFIG_CPUSETS.

    By default, all tasks have ->cpus_allowed = CPU_MASK_ALL inherited from
    kernel_init(). This means that the task can use the new CPU right after

    Now let's suppose that some task does sched_setaffinity(0, CPU_MASK_ALL).
    In that case, cpuset_cpus_allowed() sets ->cpus_allowed = cpu_online_map,
    and I think this is just wrong. Now that task doesn't see the new CPUs.

    Of course, we have the similar problem with cpusets other than top_cpuset.

    In short, unless I missed something, top_cpuset.cpus_allowed should be
    cpu_possible_map, guarantee_online_cpus() shouldn't mix "allowed" and
    "online" masks.


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