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SubjectRe: 2.6.23-rc3-mm1
Am 25.08.2007 02:21 schrieb john stultz:

>> Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:

>>> - on console early during boot, also in SuSE's /var/log/boot.msg:
>>> your system time is not correct:
>>> Wed Jul 13 13:15:31 UTC 1910
>>> setting system time to:
>>> Tue Jul 24 00:00:00 UTC 2007
> Hrmm. I'm not super familiar w/ SuSE's init scripts, but I'm guessing
> that's the ntpdate call.

Nope. The ntpdate call comes much later, and finally sets the system clock
correctly so that there are no lasting effects of all this.

> And "Tuesday Jul 24th"? Sounds about a month
> off, is this just stale info?

I have no idea where that might come from.

>>> /dev/system/root: Superblock last mount time is in the future. FIXED.
>>> /dev/system/root: Superblock last write time is in the future. FIXED.
> Does this show up before or after the above date stuff?

After the "your system time is not correct" messages, and before the
regular "Try to get initial date and time via NTP" message accompanying
the ntpdate call.

> Does the issue go away using an older kernel (I want to eliminate easy
> stuff like CMOS batteries giving up)?

It does. Booting 2.6.23-rc3 after that, the system comes up with none
of these messages.

> Also you're not using Linus' CMOS corrupting suspend/resume debugging
> trick, right (I'm forgetting the CONFIG name).

PM_TRACE? No. The entire PM_DEBUG branch is turned off.

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