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    SubjectRe: possible BUG while doing gpg --gen-key
    On 8/24/07, Udo van den Heuvel <> wrote:
    > Benoit Boissinot wrote:
    > > On 8/24/07, Udo van den Heuvel <> wrote:
    > >> While doing gpg --gen-key I can reproduce quite well some sort of
    > >> crash/bug/etc:
    > >> # gpg --gen-key
    > >
    > > [snip]
    > >
    > > iirg gpg-keygen uses a lot of cpu time during that phase, you probably
    > > should verify your ram and cpu. This kind of problem is often due to
    > > faulty hardware.
    > The box runs stable for days on end.
    > Only when running gpg --gen-key I get this issue.
    > Other gpg operations, run by a user, are without issue.
    > There is 512MB of RAM and the hardware is `refreshed` regularly when an
    > interesting VIA board comes out. Case stays closed otherwise. I am ESD
    > certified. (or how to put that in the english language)
    > memtest86 shows no problems. Kernel compiles etc run without issue.
    > F7 upgraded installation. Updated regularly. gnupg rpm is Red Hat-stock.
    > My own compiles of gnupg show the same error.
    > So what is next?
    Sorry, I'll let the gurus speak then ;)


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