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    SubjectRe: Firewire lockup on in SMP but not UP, old drivers
    Andrew Burgess wrote:
    > what's the best way to proceed? Debug old drivers or
    > switch to new ones?

    As I mentioned in the branch of the discussion which lost the Cc: LKML,
    this kind of bug looks like requiring a good look at the interaction of
    raw1394's and ohci1394's locking (and maybe ieee1394's, but this seems
    less likely).

    It's hard work, and I don't have much experience with the code in
    question nor do I have much time at the moment nor is there anybody else
    who fixes ieee1394 subsystem bugs on a regular basis. Nevertheless,
    this kind of bugs should still be fixed in the "old" drivers. They
    haven't reached their end of life yet.
    Stefan Richter
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