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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Send exit code through for taskstats.ac_exitcode
    Jonathan Lim wrote:
    > On Mon Aug 20 20:44:13 2007, wrote:
    >> Jonathan Lim wrote:
    >>> taskstats.ac_exitcode is assigned to task_struct.exit_code in
    >>> bacct_add_tsk() through the following kernel function calls:
    >>> do_exit()
    >>> taskstats_exit_send()
    >>> fill_pid()
    >>> bacct_add_tsk()
    >>> The problem is that in do_exit(), task_struct.exit_code is set to 'code'
    >>> only after taskstats_exit_send() has been called. So we need to send
    >>> 'code' through to bacct_add_tsk().
    >> Hi, Jonathan,
    >> The patches look like a step in the right direction, I would suggest an
    >> alternate implementation
    >> Why can't we assign tsk->exit_code to code earlier? Can we not move up the
    >> assignment to before taskstats_exit()? Wouldn't that be much simpler?
    > Hi Balbir,
    > That was what I wanted to do at first, but there was some concern over whether
    > it would affect any of the intervening function calls. If there's no
    > particular reason why the tsk->exit_code assignment is placed where it's at
    > now, then yes, I would much rather move it to before taskstats_exit().
    > I looked at the following functions involving tsk:
    > exit_mm
    > mm_release
    > deactivate_mm
    > exit_sem
    > __exit_files
    > __exit_fs
    > cpuset_exit
    > exit_keys
    > and don't see anything that setting exit_code would affect. What do you think?

    I think your search and analysis leads me to believe that, it might be the
    correct thing to do. I would suggest we patch it that way and run a functional
    test like LTP to ensure we did not break anything.

    What do you think?

    Warm Regards,
    Balbir Singh
    Linux Technology Center
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