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    SubjectREGRESSION: serial_cs broken by 8250 changes
    commit 18a8bd949d6adb311ea816125ff65050df1f3f6e breaks serial_cs badly
    with an oops, completely killing PCMCIA.

    register_console() now calls console->early_setup(). which in case of
    8250.c (the only user anyway) is serial8250_console_early_setup()
    which is __init, calling 8250_early.c:serial8250_find_port_for_earlycon()
    which is __init as well. boom.

    the changelog mentions SERIAL_PORT_DFNS removal which happens to be
    commit 7e92b4fc345f5b6f57585fbe5ffdb0f24d7c9b26. but this got reverted
    by commit 57d4810ea0d9ca58a7bcc1336607f0cede0a2abf. so i'd suggest to
    just revert the 8250 changes as well.

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