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    Subjectuncached page allocator
    Hi all,

    I've started doing some work with using the new DRM memory manager
    from TG for pixmaps in the X server using Intel 9xx series hardware.

    The intel hardware pretty much requires pages to be uncached for the
    GPU to access them. It can use cached memory for some operations but
    it isn't very useful and my attempts to use it ended in a lot of

    Now one of the major usage patterns for pixmaps is

    allocate pixmap
    copy data into pixmap
    use pixmap from hardware
    free pixmap

    with the current memory manager + updated change_page_attr (to use
    clflush when we have it) fixes from Andi Kleen, it operates something
    like this

    allocate pixmap gets cached memory
    copy data into the pixmap
    pre-use from hardware we flush the cache lines and tlb
    use the pixmap in hardware
    pre-free we need to set the page back to cached so we flush the tlb
    free the memory.

    The other path is if we don't want to use the memory cached ever is just
    allocate pixmap
    flush cache lines/tlb
    use uncached from CPU
    use uncached from GPU
    pre-free set the page back to cached, flush the TLB
    free the page

    Now the big issue here on SMP is that the cache and/or tlb flushes
    require IPIs and they are very noticeable on the profiles,

    So after all that I'd like to have some sort of uncached page list I
    can allocate pages from, so with frequent pixmap creation/destruction
    I don't spend a lot of time in the cache flushing routines and avoid
    the IPI in particular.

    The options I can sorta see roughly are:
    1. the DRM just allocates a bunch of uncached pages and manages a
    cache of them for interacting with the hardware, this sounds wrong and
    we run into how do we correctly size the pool issues.

    2. (Is this idea crazy??) We modify the VM somehow so we have an
    uncached list, when we first allocate pages with the GFP_UNCACHED they
    get migrated to the uncached zone and the pages use a page flag to say
    they are uncached. Then the DRM just re-uses things from that list. If
    later we end up with memory pressure, the free pages on the uncached
    list could be migrated back to the normal page lists by modifying the
    page attributes and flushing the tlb....

    Any other ideas and suggestions?

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