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SubjectRe: The vi editor causes brain damage
Marc Perkel wrote:
> The important point that you are missing here is that
> the Linux world is willing to live with an rm command
> that is broken and the Windows and DOS world isn't.
> This isn't about the rm command it's about programming
> standards. It's about that the Linux community isn't
> committed to getting it right.

Thanks man, you've made my day. I haven't laughed this hard at a mildly
technical discussion in weeks.

> Just like my thinking outside the box thread when I
> try to say "this is broken" people don't go fix it.
> Instead I get an explanation why Linux isn't capable
> of having an rm command that will delete an unlimited
> number of files.

Calling something that bas been working for decades broken, and offering
a vague idea that is not only riddled with usability issues but also
unimplementable in an even remotely efficient manner, and yet expecting
people to jump into action and write it for you while deprecating an
enormous amount of existing code, is something best described as
surreal. Disregarding peer review and calling it an "attack" is just
icing on the cake.

> I bet there are Microsoft people out there laughing at
> this.

Probably at you.

> 20 years, a million programmers, tens of millions of
> users and RM is BROKEN. Am I the only one who has a
> problem with this? If so - I'm normal - and Linux is a
> cult.

All hail Linus the great.

-- m. tharp
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