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    SubjectRe: Thinking outside the box on file systems
    On Wed, 2007-08-15 at 13:22 -0400, Kyle Moffett wrote:
    > On Aug 15, 2007, at 13:09:31, Marc Perkel wrote:
    > > The idea is that people have permissions - not files. By people I
    > > mean users, groups, managers, applications
    > > etc. One might even specify that there are no permission
    > > restrictions at all. Part of the process would be that the kernel
    > > load what code it will use for the permission system. It might even
    > > be a little perl script you write.
    > >
    > > Also - you aren't even giving permission to access files. It's
    > > permission to access name patterns. One could apply REGEX masks to
    > > names to determine permissions. So if you have permission to the
    > > name you have permission to the file.
    > Please excuse me, I'm going to go stand over in the corner for a minute.
    > *hahahahahaa hahahahahaaa hahaa hoo hee snicker sniff*
    > *wanders back into the conversation*
    > Sorry about that, pardon me.
    > I suspect you will find it somewhat hard to convince *anybody* on
    > this list to put either a regex engine or a Perl interpreter into the
    > kernel. I doubt you could even get a simple shell-style pattern
    > matcher in. First of all, both of the former chew up enormous gobs
    > of stack space *AND* they're NP-complete. You just can't do such
    > matching even in polynomial time, let alone something that scales
    > appropriately for an OS kernel like, say, O(log(n)).

    Already been done. Take a look at "AppArmor" aka "Immunix".

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