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    SubjectRe: [linux-pm] Re: Storing Maintainers info around the kernel tree
    On Thu, 16 Aug 2007, Rene Herman wrote:

    > > It would be much easier to put in the "kernel/somesubsys" directory a
    > > Maintainers file which has:
    > It's ofcourse possible, but note that if we want this stuff to be minimally
    > manual, moving files around (and deleting them) then requires editing these
    > actual in-tree files via a tool.
    > With the properties deleting files just requires deleting any file-specific
    > properties alongside which is trivial since those are linked from the file.
    > Moving stuff works by building a list of all properties that are set on the
    > source starting at the source and destination's highest shared parent
    > directory and then reconstructing this list at the destination, striking
    > properties off the list that are already set at the destination.
    > Adding properties, alongside added files or after the fact, could be done
    > via standard patch submissals via the kind of "meta-diff" that already
    > exists for "git move".
    > I really believe this stuff should be meta-data -- and these properties as
    > outlined work well it seems.

    Please remember that not everybody uses git. The MAINTAINERS data
    should be available in the kernel source itself.

    (Maybe your suggestion is consistent with this -- I simply wanted to
    raise the point.)

    Alan Stern

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