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SubjectRe: [PATCH 000 of 6] A few block-layer tidy-up patches.
On Thu, Aug 16 2007, NeilBrown wrote:
> Following are 5 patches which - I think - clean up various bits and pieces
> in the block layer.
> The only part that might be seen as a function change rather than
> simply rearranging code is in ps3disk where bvec_kmap_irq is used
> instead of bio_kmap_atomic (so interrupts are disabled).
> The only other user of bvec_kmap_irq is ide-floppy.c. If that does
> need to disable interrupts, and ps3disk doesn't, make the disabling of
> interrupts should be separated from the kmapping??

Applied 1-6, thanks! BTW, your patch #2 doesn't apply cleanly on
floppy.c in current -git, and there has been no changes there since July
24th. So you must be diffing against something else?

You also don't re-indent and remove one nesting when removing
bio_for_each_segment(). It makes it easier to review, but I formatted
that as well since I had to hand-apply patch #2.

Please inspect the #block-2.6.24 branch to see the result.

Jens Axboe

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