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    SubjectRe: [ofa-general] Re: [PATCH RFC] RDMA/CMA: Allocate PS_TCP ports from the host TCP port space.
    Steve Wise wrote:
    > David Miller wrote:
    >> From: Sean Hefty <>
    >> Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2007 14:40:16 -0700
    >>> Steve Wise wrote:
    >>>> Any more comments?
    >>> Does anyone have ideas on how to reserve the port space without using
    >>> a struct socket?
    >> How about we just remove the RDMA stack altogether? I am not at all
    >> kidding. If you guys can't stay in your sand box and need to cause
    >> problems for the normal network stack, it's unacceptable. We were
    >> told all along the if RDMA went into the tree none of this kind of
    >> stuff would be an issue.
    > I think removing the RDMA stack is the wrong thing to do, and you
    > shouldn't just threaten to yank entire subsystems because you don't like
    > the technology. Lets keep this constructive, can we? RDMA should get
    > the respect of any other technology in Linux. Maybe its a niche in your
    > opinion, but come on, there's more RDMA users than say, the sparc64
    > port. Eh?

    It's not about being a niche. It's about creating a maintainable
    software net stack that has predictable behavior.

    Needing to reach out of the RDMA sandbox and reserve net stack resources
    away from itself travels a path we've consistently avoided.

    >> I will NACK any patch that opens up sockets to eat up ports or
    >> anything stupid like that.
    > Got it.

    Ditto for me as well.


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