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SubjectRe: Thinking outside the box on file systems

--- Kyle Moffett <> wrote:

> On Aug 15, 2007, at 14:05:23, Marc Perkel wrote:
> > In this new system setfacl, chmod, chown, and
> chgrp all go away
> > except inside of an emulation layer. File and
> directories no longer
> > have permissions. People have permission to naming
> patterns. So if
> > you put a file into a tree or move a tree then
> those who have
> > permissions to the tree have access to the files.
> >
> > It eliminates the step of having to apply
> permission after moving
> > files into a tree. You don't have to change file
> permissions
> > because files no longer have permissions.
> And I'm trying to tell you that unless you have some
> magic new
> algorithm that turns NP-complete problems into
> O(log(N)) problems,
> your idea won't work. You can't just say "I just do
> one little thing
> (mv) and the entire rest of the computer
> automagically changes to
> match", because that would imply a single unscalable
> global kernel
> lock. "Pattern"-matching is either NP-complete or
> high-polynomial-
> order, depending on how its implemented, and if you
> want to do a
> recursive-chmod during a directory move then you're
> going to have
> race-conditions out the ass. If you have code or
> solid math to back
> up your postings then please do so, but otherwise
> you're just wasting
> time and bandwidth.

Kyle - you are still missing the point. chmod goes
away. File permissions goes away. Directories as you
know them goes away.

Marc Perkel
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