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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: 2.6.23-rc "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0: transmit timed out"
I did some additional testing, the results are:
[0e4851502f846b13b29b7f88f1250c980d57e944] r8169: merge with version
8.001.00 of Realtek's r8168 driver
does not work, I after some traffic the transmit timeout occurs.
[6dccd16b7c2703e8bbf8bca62b5cf248332afbe2] r8169: merge with version
6.001.00 of Realtek's r8169 driver
Seems to be the last version to work. I did some stress testing (much
more than the level that was enough to make
[0e4851502f846b13b29b7f88f1250c980d57e944] break) and am currently
using this version and no problems so far.

2007/8/14, Francois Romieu <>:
> Karl Meyer <> :
> [...]
> > dmesg, interrupts and .config are attached. I will have a look at git bisect.
> Can you reproduce the problem when nvidia binary-only stuff is not loaded
> after boot ?
> --
> Ueimor
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