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    SubjectWeird network problems with 2.6.23-rc2
    Something seems to have broken in 2.6.23-rc2, and I'm not sure what, or
    where I should look for further debugging. The info I have:

    On my 2.6.23-rc2 desktop, things run fine.

    On my test server, built from the same source tree, networking goes
    strange every few minutes, with the following symptoms:

    o) running ping against the server, the first ping goes through;
    further pings go AWOL until about icmp_seq=30, when I get 4-5 icmp
    replies (marked as DUP!), then no pings for a while, then dups, and so

    o) the server doesn't see ARP replies. According to tcpdump, the server
    will send eg "who has tell"; the client in
    question will recieve the packet and send a response, but nothing shows
    up in the server-side tcpdump.

    o) after a few minutes of random network troubles, everything will work
    fine again, (ping is normal, arp replies are seen, tcp sessions work)
    for a few minutes.

    o) The server's dmesg shows lots of "short udp packet" messages

    o) ifdown then ifup'ing the interfaces fixes things, temporarily.

    Reverting to 2.6.22, everything seems to be running fine (but no lguest,
    which is what I came for :( )

    I've also tried with the latest code from git, the behaviour is the same
    as 2.6.23-rc2.


    PS. First message to the list, please don't hurt me :P
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