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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Add some missing Documentation/*/00-INDEX files

Rob Landley is trying to organize Linux kernel documentation. One
thing he is doing is generating index.html files based on our
00-INDEX files in the Documentation directory. He has met with a
small problem however, since not all subdirectories inside
Documentation contain such a file, nor are all the files that do
exist up to date, his index.html files turn up rather incomplete.

In a reply to a recent post to linux-doc, where Rob also posted his
script for generating the index.html files, I offered to help out
with that situation and create (at least some of) the missing
00-INDEX files. These patches represent the first five files I've
The reason I'm not submitting more files at this time is simply
that I want to get some feedback before wasting too much time
creating these files if it turns out that for some reason they are
not wanted. This is also the reason why I'm cross posting to LKML
at this time, since I suspect that not very many people currently
read linux-doc.

So please do the ACK/NACK/Merge dance with these patches and
let me know if more are wanted or not. :-)

Kind regards,
Jesper Juhl <>

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