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SubjectRe: early boot lockup with 2.6.23-rc1
On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 10:20:31PM +0300, Mikko Rapeli wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2007 at 09:45:31AM -0700, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> > Let me get this straight... "edd=skipmbr" boots fine, but commenting out
> > the call to query_edd() didn't? Could you please try that (and, I
> > guess, only that), and make sure everything necessary is rebuild.
> >
> > 2.6.23-*rc2* you say boots fine with "edd=skipmbr", but not without?
> Yes, vanilla 2.6.23-rc2 with edd=skipmbr boots fine.
> > Did you try the above commenting-out on rc2?
> Yes, didn't work with 2.6.23-rc2 but printed one dot in the upper left
> corner after grub stuff.

Oops, I was wrong and bad enough to think nesting #ifdef's would work;
2.6.23-rc2 with query_mca() to query_edd() in arch/i386/boot/main.c
commented out works.

Sorry about that one.

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