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Subject[PATCH 00/16] Permit filesystem local caching [try #3]

These patches add local caching for network filesystems such as NFS and AFS.

FS-Cache now runs fully asynchronously as required by Trond Myklebust for NFS.

[try #3]:

(*) Added missing file to CacheFiles patch.

(*) Made new security functions return errors and pass actual return data via
argument pointer.

(*) Cleaned up NFS patch.

(*) The 'fsc' flag must now be passed to NFS mount by the string options.

(*) Split the NFS patch into three as requested by Trond.

[try #2]:

(*) The CacheFiles module no longer accepts directory fds in its cull and
inuse commands from cachefilesd. Instead it uses the current working
directory of the calling process as the basis for looking up the object.
Corollary to this, fget_light() no longer needs to be exported.

A tarball of the patches is available at:

To use this version of CacheFiles, the cachefilesd-0.9 is also required. It
is available as an SRPM:

Or as individual bits:

The .fc, .if and .te files are for manipulating SELinux.

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