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    SubjectRe: Marvell 7042 (sata_mv) fails to initialize drive
    I have done some more testing, and it now looks as if this was actually 
    a hardware fault. Reseating the PCI-E card made the problem go away
    (knock on wood). I am a little puzzled that it is possible for the card
    to show up on the PCI bus, and for the driver to be able to detect
    whether a disk is connected, but then for it to fail to communicate with
    the disk. But oh well, I guess if just some of the PCI-E signals aren't
    connected, strange error modes are to be expected.

    Sorry for the false alarm. And just for the record, if any you need any
    more testing done with 7042 controllers, feel free to ask me for help --
    I think I read somewhere that Jeff was looking for testers that have
    access to this hardware.

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