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    SubjectRe: THINKPAD_ACPI_INPUT_ENABLED seems regressive
    On Wed, 1 Aug 2007, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
    > On Wed, 01 Aug 2007, Michael S. Tsirkin wrote:
    > > Forcing the selection at compile-time isn't such a great idea IMHO.
    > > Isn't there a way to support both old and new userspace?
    > It only afects the *defaults* of various driver knobs that can be freely
    > modified at runtime:
    > hotkey_enable = 0
    > hotkey_mask unchanged from whatever is already set
    > hot keys from ibm-acpi 0.14 are mapped to KEY_UNKNOWN, and thus will
    > generate ACPI events if hotkey_enabled is set to 1.
    > hotkey_enable = 1
    > hotkey_mask = hotkey_recommended_mask
    > most hot keys are mapped to something other than KEY_UNKNOWN, and
    > thus will not generate ACPI events but rather input layer events.
    > You should select whichever works better with your userspace.

    That reminds me of something else odd that I noticed.

    While I had CONFIG_THINKPAD_ACPI_INPUT_ENABLED=y and was trying
    to get Fn+F4 to give me Suspend to RAM somehow, I did try setting
    /sys/blah/blah/blah/hotkey_enable to 0.

    That caused the Fn+F4 key to become active, except that it wanted
    to do Hibernation to Disk instead: a window popped up to tell me
    (IIRC) that my kernel command line didn't have a good resume=

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