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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.22 released

On Jul 8 2007 16:52, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>So this is also a heads-up that I'm considering skipping the ChangeLog
>files in the future - the full release ones are so big as to not be very
>easily readable (the full ChangeLog from 2.6.21 is ove ra hundred thousand
>lines, and weighs in at 3.8MB for example), and you really can get much
>better per-subsystem logs from git.
>Anybody? Should I make just the shortlogs available instead (I don't save
>those, but I post those for the later -rc's - usually the -rc1 and -rc2's
>are too big for the mailing list, but they are still a lot smaller and
>more readable than the *full* logs are)?
>Or do people really want the full logs, and don't use git?
>Let me know how you feel. And test the actual release out too, of course!

The rc-to-rc shortlog is usually helpful. That way, I can see whether a
particular fix that I am interested in/involved with has already been
merged - or not and its needs some reminder. And the 2.6.x -> 2.6.y-rc1
shortlog for seeing whether patches, should I have decided to send
anything, actually went in. All other logs can be omitted from the mail
announcements. I still prefer to have all logs, as usual, both short
and long, via http (perhaps compressed for your pleasure), because
cloning a git is not always possible (think of public terminals) or
feasible (cloning does take a while, and longer on slower links).

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