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SubjectRe: Determine version of kernel that produced vmcore
On Mon, Jul 09, 2007 at 11:21:54AM +0200, Bernhard Walle wrote:
> Hello,
> * Dan Aloni <> [2007-07-06 16:58]:
> >
> > Redhat has a makedumpinfo util which they intend to use as slim
> > kernel-version-independent utility on kdump rootfs in order to
> > save /proc/vmcore in a compact manner.
> I think you mean makedumpfile, don't you?

Yes, a typo, sorry.

> > A patch that I am working on will make it possible to integrate
> > the output of 'makedumpinfo -g' into vmlinux as the final build
> > stage of the kernel. This information will be presented itself
> > as /proc/ for the first kernel throughout its entire
> > execution.
> That sounds good. But I doubt that kernel developers like the idea of
> needing another utility in the build process ...

I don't think it would add much complexity to build process as it
is now, just like the other tools that transparently do post-linking
modifications. As far as the developer is concerned, there's just
the vmlinux and/or bzImage files that get emitted at the end.

> > Then inside initramfs of the first kernel, a small
> > util will modify the vmlinux file of the kdump kernel before it
> > gets loaded so that another special file appearing as
> > /proc/ under the kdump kernel will present the same
> > info.
> Where do you get the info from? If you're in the kdump initrd,
> then the kdump kernel is already loaded. Do you want to attach the
> info from the crashed kernel to the initrd of the kdump kernel?

Not exactly. Let me describe the procedure in greater detail.
Basically, it would go like this:

1. <normal bootloader boot>
2. <normal initramfs>
3. embed_configfile /proc/ /vmlinux-kdump
4. kexec -l vmlinux-kdump <....>
5. <boot continues>
6. <crash>
7. <kdump kernel boot>
8. <kdump initramfs runs>
9. makedumpfile -i /proc/ <....>

** in step 3 embed_configfile modifies vmlinux-kdump in place,
copying /proc/ into the data section of the vmlinux-kdump
at certain symbol (e.g. 'char core_info[0x1000]').
** in step 9 that data section variable (e.g. core_info) which was
originally holds the content of /proc/ is being presented
as /proc/ for the util to use.

To complete the picture, at the final build stage of vmlinux we
would have this:

makedumpfile -g vmlinux.configfile -x vmlinuxx
embed_configfile vmlinux.configfile vmlinux
rm vmlinux.configfile

BTW I think there could be a confusion between makedumpfile's
CONFIGFILE and the .config file, so we should pick a different
name for it...

Dan Aloni
da-x (at), dan (at)
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