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    SubjectRe: Hibernation Redesign
    Al Boldi <> writes:

    > Pavel Machek wrote:
    >> We are stuck with refrigerator for now, and at least for hibernation,
    >> I don't see any feasible alternative.

    > Feasible alternative?

    I posted such an alternative to the list a short time ago: hibenrating
    from a *new* kernel space/user space that is created by loading a new
    kernel in a manner similar to what is done for kexec crashdumps. Unlike
    kexec crashdumps, however, it would not require reserving any memory at
    boot, because the necessary memory (maybe 16MB or 64MB) can be freed
    just before hibernating, and device drivers can be properly stopped so
    that DMAs don't stomp over certain memory.

    This approach eliminates the need for the freezer, as it would make
    hibernate look a lot a bit like suspend to ram from the perspective of
    the "old" kernel (the kernel being hibernated), as the hibernate
    operation itself would be completely atomic from the perspective of the
    "old" kernel. That is not to say, of course, that any code paths would
    actually be shared, or that the drivers would do the same things
    (because they probably would not).


    Jeremy Maitin-Shepard
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