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    Subjecthibernation/snapshot design [was Re: [PATCH] Remove process freezer from suspend to RAM pathway]

    > > Actaully, I'm perfectly fine with that, as long as each task blocked by the
    > > driver due to suspend has PF_FROZEN (or something similar) set. Then, at
    > > least theoretically, we'll be able to drop the freezer from the suspend code
    > > path and move it after device_suspend() (or the hibernation-specific
    > > equivalent) for hibernation (in that case there shouldn't be a problem with
    > > any task waiting on I/O while the freezer is running ;-)).
    > I don't see the need for a freezer for snapshot but that's a different
    > issue. (stop_machine looks good enough to me).

    Freezer is not needed for snapshot -- it is needed so that we can
    write out the snapshot to disk without the need for special
    drivers/block/simple-ide-for-suspend.c. (We are doing snapshot, then
    write to disk from userland code in uswsusp).

    (cesky, pictures)
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