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    SubjectRe: 2.6.22-rc6(mm1) Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference - git-bisect result

    On Sun, 8 Jul 2007, Al Viro wrote:
    > I think that we need to go the other way round - gather nameidata
    > ->nd and ->dentry into struct path and pass pointer to that instead...

    Yeah, that sounds fine too.

    > But that's .23-rc1 fodder, if not .23-rc2 one (we might want to
    > do -rc2 with just that, to avoid conflicts with pending patches).
    > Definitely not for .22-final.

    Oh, absolutely. I wasn't implying that we would want to do it today, but
    as it is now, just looking at that code makes my eyes water.. So it would
    be nice to fix that up.

    One reason I would almost prefer an "nd", though, is that it would allow
    us to in general always just convert anythign that now looks up a path to
    look up "a path or file descriptor" instead. Those things need "nd" right
    now, and if it's a "struct path", then you'll always have the two
    different cases, rather than just the common "release_nd()" at the end.

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