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SubjectRe: Libata PATA status
Alan Cox wrote:
> Chipsets
> ========
> No reports, but nobody appears to be using one

The NSLU2-Linux project ( relies on the
pata-artop driver for the arm/ixp4xx-based Iomega NAS100d and D-Link
DSM-G600 NAS devices (both of which are supported in recent mainline

Latest kernels (2.6.22-rc5 is the latest we've tested) have no reported
problems with pata-artop. We have a handful of people (including
myself) who we know are using 2.6.22-rc5 on those devices and are
booting from the internal drive using the pata-artop driver.

I'm happy for anyone to contact me in the future if new versions of the
pata-artop driver need to be tested. There are people using it :-)

> Solid. Sent acpi patch for -mm to try and fix the one remaining
> mystery "how to spot VIA with onboard SATA bridges properly. If
> you've got a VIA board with SATA ports that appear as PATA
> channels please drop me an email as I'd like to get more info
> on what is affected.

Our project is also working on adding support to the kernel for the
Freecom FSG-3 NAS device. It uses the sata-via driver for it's VIA_6421
chipset, but the main drive is a PATA drive (the device also has an
eSATA external port).

We're currently stuck at 2.6.18 with vendor patches for scsi/sata-via,
and would love to move to 2.6.22 and libata, but are having problems
with the latest sata-via driver for this chipset booting from an IDE
drive. I'll contact you separately for this issue (as it's off-topic on
this thread).


-- Rod Whitby
-- NSLU2-Linux Project Lead
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