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    SubjectLiunx power consumption on laptops -- Enormous progress in the last few months

    with all the tickless and other goodies going into the kernel in the
    last few months, there is a lot of hope that this helps Linux reduce
    power consumption... and the good news is that it does... once you fix
    some bugs and fix a bunch of userspace applications.

    While it's hard to show "one size fits all" number/percentage, we took
    a bog standard Lenovo T61 laptop (no vendor preference, they just were
    the first one to deliver a model with the latest Intel chipset to our
    cubes) and measured the effect. The baseline we used was a 32 bit
    Fedora 7 installation; note that this already has the tickless kernel,
    but is lacking several of the key bugfixes that came afterwards.

    We've put our measurements in a graph at

    With kernel fixes and features, the power consumption of this laptop
    went from 21.06 Watts to 18.25 Watts; with 2 additional userspace
    fixes the power consumption ended up at 15.5 Watts.

    (Don't worry that this is the end of it; there's more stuff in the
    various project pipelines, and we'll keep measuring the progress over

    All in all, personally I'm very happy to see Linux making such a huge
    step forward with tickless and can't wait for this step to be
    available in all distros and for all architectures...

    Arjan van de Ven
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