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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm 8/9] netconsole: Update documentation for dynamic reconfigurability
Hi Keiichi,

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Keiichi KII wrote:
> Hi Satyam,
> > + cat enabled # check if enabled is 1
> > + echo 0 > enabled # disable the target (if required)
> > + echo eth2 > dev_name # set local interface
> I think that the above line should change from "echo eth2 > dev_name" to
> "echo -n eth2 > dev_name" or the newline should be removed at store_dev_name().
> The default behavior of echo(1) outputs the newline.
> So, if we write appropriate network device name to dev_name,
> the netpoll can't find net_device in netpoll_setup().

Yes, you're right. I'll fix this in store_dev_name() itself, it isn't
right to limit users to only -n option. Thanks for pointing this out.

[ BTW I also noticed a typo in that file just above your extract that
mentions dev_name as a read-only attribute! That also must be fixed ... ]

> I don't have enough time now. So I will check your patches more specific
> at the weekend.

Ok, thanks a lot. I'll wait for your comments / testing results over the
weekend, before sending out the next iteration.

BTW I did some testing myself, and have found another *embarrassing* bug:
if netconsole is loaded _without_ specifying any "netconsole=" parameter,
module is still kept loaded, but on unloading configfs_unregister_...()
obviously panics! :-) This should've been found by me earlier, just that
I never tested without specifying the parameter to modprobe :-(

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