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    I'm pleased to announce the v2.6.21.5-rt19 kernel on behalf of Ingo.

    It can be downloaded from the usual place:

    More info about the -rt patch set can be found in the RT wiki:

    Changes since

    - Fixed a nasty and hard to track down slowness / boot problem on SMP
    machines with CONFIG_NOHZ enabled. The problem was caused by the timer
    wheel base lock held during the get_next_timer_interrupt() call in the
    idle path, which eventually led to a bogus PI boosting of the idle task
    and in consequence a stale wrong scheduler selection for the affected
    idle task.

    Kudos to Carsten Emde, who patiently and meticulously isolated the
    problem and provided the traces, which allowed to identify the root

    Problem solution: Prevent idle task boosting

    - back port of the ntp / clock_was_set fix

    - integration of the processor_idle fix from Venki Pallipadi, which
    resolves boot issues on some platforms

    - ep93xx clock events fix from Manfred Gruber

    To build a tree, the following patches should be applied:



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