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SubjectRe: How can we make page replacement smarter
Rik van Riel wrote:
> Al Boldi wrote:
> > Good idea, but unless we understand the problems involved, we are bound
> > to repeat it. So my first question would be: Why is swap-in so slow?
> >
> > As I have posted in other threads, swap-in of consecutive pages suffers
> > a 2x slowdown wrt swap-out, whereas swap-in of random pages suffers over
> > 6x slowdown.
> >
> > Because it is hard to quantify the expected swap-in speed for random
> > pages, let's first tackle the swap-in of consecutive pages, which should
> > be at least as fast as swap-out. So again, why is swap-in so slow?
> I suspect that this is a locality of reference issue.
> Anonymous memory can get jumbled up by repeated free and
> malloc cycles of many smaller objects. The amount of
> anonymous memory is often smaller than or roughly the same
> size as system memory.

Sounds exactly like the tmpfs problem.

> Locality of refenence to anonymous memory tends to be
> temporal in nature, with the same sets of pages being
> accessed over and over again.
> Files are different. File content tends to be grouped
> in large related chunks, both logically in the file and
> on disk. Generally there is a lot more file data on a
> system than what fits in memory.
> Locality of reference to file data tends to be spatial
> in nature, with one file access leading up to the system
> accessing "nearby" data. The data is not necessarily
> touched again any time soon.
> > Once we understand this problem, we may be able to suggest a smart
> > improvement.
> Like the one on ?

Interesting to see that there are known problems, but it doesn't seem to list
the resume-from-disk swap-in slowdown.

> I have the LRU lists split and am working on getting SEQ
> replacement implemented for the anonymous pages.
> The most recent (untested) patches are attached.

Applied against 2.6.22; the kernel crashes out on boot.



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