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SubjectRe: RFT: updatedb "morning after" problem [was: Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23]
On 07/29/2007 07:19 PM, Ray Lee wrote:

>> The program is not a real-world issue and if you do not consider it a useful
>> boundary condition either (okay I guess), how would log structured swap help
>> if I just assume I have plenty of free swap to begin with?
> Is that generally the case on your systems? Every linux system I've
> run, regardless of RAM, has always pushed things out to swap.

For me, it is generally the case yes. We are still discussing this in the
context of desktop machines and their problems with being slow as things
have been swapped out and generally I expect a desktop to have plenty of
swap which it's not regularly going to fillup significantly since then the
machine's unworkably slow as a desktop anyway.

> And once there's something already in swap, you now have a packing
> problem when you want to swap something else out.

Once we're crammed, it gets to be a different situation yes. As far as I'm
concerned that's for another thread though. I'm spending too much time on
LKML as it is...


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