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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] core_pattern: cleaned up repost/continuing post of core_pattern enhancements
    Hi Eugene,

    Eugene Teo [2007-07-29 21:03 +0800]:
    > >> Also, it is probably good to think how we can "drop privileges" while piping
    > >> the core dump output to an external program. A malicious user can potentially
    > >> use it as a possible backdoor since anything that is executed by "|program" will
    > >> be executed with root privileges.
    > >>
    > > It was my understanding that apport already did this.
    > I haven't looked at apport yet, but are you talking about the userspace portion of
    > apport or the kernel changes in the Ubuntu kernel?

    Similarly to Neil's patches, the Ubuntu kernel calls the userspace
    helper as root, too. Apport drops privileges to the target process as
    soon as possible (there are a few things it needs to do before, like
    opening an fd to the crash file in /var/crash/ if that is only
    writeable by root).


    Martin Pitt
    Ubuntu Developer
    Debian Developer
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