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    SubjectRe: serial flow control appears broken
    Paul Fulghum wrote:

    > Tilman Schmidt wrote:
    >> Could this be related?
    >> Quote:
    >> "I've recently found (using that configuring a serial ports
    >> (ST16654) which use the 8250 driver using setserial results in the
    >> UART's FIFOs being disabled (unless you specify autoconfig)."
    > That would make sense.
    > Lee's error is a hardware FIFO overrun which could occur
    > if the FIFO is being disabled as described in your
    > link (by trying to set the uart type with setserial).

    I'm not using setserial on this port, myself. If something in init is
    calling on setserial then I don't know about it.

    That said, tests on the serial port from within the application show
    that xmit_fifo_size is set to 16 as it should be.

    I wrote up a little test app:

    struct serial_struct serial;
    ioctl(modemFd, TIOCGSERIAL, &serial);
    printf(" type: %d\n", serial.type);
    printf(" line: %d\n", serial.line);
    printf(" line: %u\n", serial.port);
    printf(" irq: %d\n", serial.irq);
    printf(" flags: %d\n", serial.flags);
    printf(" xmit_fifo_size: %d\n", serial.xmit_fifo_size);
    printf(" custom_divisor: %d\n", serial.custom_divisor);
    printf(" baud_base: %d\n", serial.baud_base);
    printf(" close_delay: %u\n", serial.close_delay);
    printf(" io_type: 0x%X\n", serial.io_type);
    printf("reserved_char[0]: 0x%X\n", serial.reserved_char[0]);
    printf(" hub6: %d\n", serial.hub6);
    printf(" closing_wait: %u\n", serial.closing_wait);
    printf(" closing_wait2: %u\n", serial.closing_wait2);
    printf(" iomem_reg_shift: %u\n", serial.iomem_reg_shift);
    printf(" port_high: %u\n", serial.port_high);
    printf(" reserved[0]: %d\n", serial.reserved[0]);

    Here's the output:

    type: 4
    line: 1
    line: 760
    irq: 3
    flags: 1358954688
    xmit_fifo_size: 16
    custom_divisor: 0
    baud_base: 115200
    close_delay: 500
    io_type: 0x0
    reserved_char[0]: 0x0
    hub6: 0
    closing_wait: 30000
    closing_wait2: 0
    iomem_reg_shift: 0
    port_high: 0
    reserved[0]: 0


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