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    SubjectRe: serial flow control appears broken
    Lee Howard schrieb:
    > So, does this explain why I wouldn't have a problem at 115200 bps with
    > kernel 2.2.5 but why I do with 2.6.5 and 2.6.18? Both hardware and
    > software flow control work fine with 2.2.5 (meaning I don't see any
    > error message and I don't have any data corruption), but neither works
    > to avoid the "kernel: ttyS1: 1 input overrun(s)" and consequent data
    > corruption issue in 2.6.5 nor 2.6.18.
    > Was there some associated application change in tty handling that needed
    > to occur between the 2.2 and 2.6 kernels to properly implement flow control?

    Could this be related?

    "I've recently found (using that configuring a serial ports
    (ST16654) which use the 8250 driver using setserial results in the
    UART's FIFOs being disabled (unless you specify autoconfig)."

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