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    Subjectsk98lin for 2.6.23-rc1

    Since the sky2 driver continues to suck ass (which is a technical
    description for "it hangs all the time under load, at least on my
    hardware" :-) ), I've fixed the sk98lin driver to compile for
    linux-2.6.23-rc1. Those who continue to have problems with sky2 can
    still use 2.6.23-rc1, simply by doing the following:


    Make sure you have the headers for your kernel properly installed
    and linked to /usr/src/linux-$KVER.


    Download the sk98lin source from Marvell's site


    Untar the driver and run the according to the
    directions. It will fail.


    Look in /tmp for a directory called Sk98something. Go to and copy the
    Makefile <>
    and sky2.c <>
    into /tmp/Sk98something/all.


    Change into /tmp/Sk98something/all and execute:

    sudo -H make -C /usr/src/linux-$KVER M=`pwd` modules
    sudo -H make -C /usr/src/linux-$KVER M=`pwd` modules_install


    Blacklist sky2 in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist, and (maybe not
    necessary) manually load sk98lin in /etc/modules.

    There. You're done. Stable networking at last... er, again.

    Unfortunately, you lose the nicest differential feature of
    sky2---WOL---but that's a small price to pay for networking stability of
    a desktop machine. It's nice to be able to watch MythTV again without
    having to sudo bash -c 'ifdown eth0; rmmod sky2; modprobe sky2; ifup
    eth0' every few minutes.

    Personally, I'd like to see sk98lin remain in the kernel proper until
    sky2 goes at least 6 months without reported problems. The fact that I
    am not the only one still seeing issues is a clear indication that sky2
    (even with the recent patches in 2.6.23-rc1) is not yet ready to replace

    I'm happy to help debug the remaining issues with sky2, Stephen; just
    let me know what information you need.


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