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    SubjectRe: howto get a patch merged (WAS: Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23)

    * Kacper Wysocki <> wrote:

    > [snip howto get a patch merged]

    > > But a "here is a solution, take it or leave it" approach, before
    > > having communicated the problem to the maintainer and before having
    > > debugged the problem is the wrong way around. It might still work
    > > out fine if the solution is correct (especially if the patch is
    > > small and obvious), but if there are any non-trivial tradeoffs
    > > involved, or if nontrivial amount of code is involved, you might see
    > > your patch at the end of a really long (and constantly growing)
    > > waiting list of patches.
    > Is that what happened with swap prefetch these two years? The approach
    > has been wrong?

    i dont know - but one of the maintainers of the code (Nick) says that he
    asked for but did not get debug feedback:

    > > > And yet despite my repeated pleas, none of those people has yet
    > > > spent a bit of time with me to help analyse what is happening.

    Con, the maintainer of -ck, certainly has (or had, when he maintained
    it) enough clout to coordinate such an effort between non-developer -ck
    users and the MM maintainers. Maybe he attempted to do that and has
    tried to provide debug feedback to MM maintainers?

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