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SubjectRe: TSC calibration sometimes not correct with RT patch.
That was also my first idea, however the local_irq_disable() routine
disables the interrupts according to Ingo, so an SMI is not possible.

2007/7/25, Joachim Deguara <>:
> On Wednesday 25 July 2007 09:56:38 Henri Hunnekens wrote:
> > Some more information, the problems occurs on a SMP machine. I've
> > added the system logging which displays the CPU speed. The last line
> > shows an inaccurate processor speed! I'll try an update, but I expect
> > this has something to do with the TSC calibration and that hasn't
> > changed, If I'm correct.
> Could it just be that an SMI happened during the calibration?
> -Joachim
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