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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] Re: Hibernation considerations
On Mon, 23 Jul 2007, Oliver Neukum wrote:

> Am Montag 23 Juli 2007 schrieb Miklos Szeredi:
>>> The reason is that we want them to "park" in safe places, ie. where there
>>> are no locks held etc.  Thus, these safe places need to be chosen somehow
>>> and since they are not marked throughout the code, we choose the obvious
>>> one. :-)
>> Why shouldn't locks be held?
>> No locks which are required for suspend must be held, sure.  But
>> otherwise holding locks doesn't matter at all.
> If you can provide a way to tell them apart, this would work.

can you just tell the driver to try and suspend and if it reports back
that it fails back out of the suspend? or will the driver deadlock instead
of reporting a failure if a lock is held.

David Lang
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