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    SubjectRe: Hibernation considerations

    > >Part of the problem here is that ACPI already has its own terminology,
    > >and you're trying to invent a new one instead of using the existing
    > >one.
    > >
    > >I agree, it would be good to have a non-ACPI-specific hibernation mode,
    > >something which would look to ACPI like a normal shutdown. But I'm not
    > >so sure this is possible.
    > why would it not be possible?
    > >You have to understand that the ACPI spec is weird and complex. The
    > >mere fact that you have written a system image to disk changes the way
    > >ACPI regards the shutdown procedure. Even though you may treat all the
    > >devices and the rest of the hardware exactly the same, it's a different
    > >operation as far as ACPI is concerned, with different requirements.
    > >
    > >Yes, it's bizarre. Why do you think so many people have complained so
    > >vehemently about ACPI for all these years?
    > so let's act as if ACPI doesn't exist and make a suspend-to-disk that
    > works without it and looks to ACPI like a complete power off/on cycle (but
    > looks to the user like a suspend/resume cycle)

    ...if you act as if ACPI does not exist, you'll loose AC/battery power
    status upon resume, and maybe more, because ACPI handles that.
    (cesky, pictures)
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