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SubjectRe: Is PIE randomization breaking klibc binaries?
On 7/20/07, Ulrich Kunitz <> wrote:
> Since this week new linux-2.6/master kernels don't work with my
> initial ram disks. The sleep binary runs repeatingly into
> segmentation faults until the Busybox shell starts. My system is a
> x86-64 with Kubuntu Feisty Fawn.
> By bisecting I found out that the PIE randomization patch (commit 60bfba7e)
> appears to cause the segmentation faults.
> Digging further into the issue I found out, that the sleep binary
> on the initial ramdisk is a klibc binary. /usr/bin/file says it is
> statically linked and uses shared libraries. I have no clue about
> klibc, but the binaries seem to be statically linked, but load a
> shared library; probably at a fixed address. Other klibc binaries are also
> running into segmentation faults. Busybox is working, but it is
> statically linked and doesn't use a shared library.
> It looks like that the PIE randomization patch breaks klibc
> binaries on x86-64.
> --
> Uli Kunitz
> -

oh bugger I just spent a few hours bisecting to find this headache
only to find someone else had 8 hours ago... *sigh*

anyhow also seeing seg faults here on a amd64 ubuntu system
reverting the PIE randomization patch made it go away
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