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    SubjectRe: [linux-pm] Re: Hibernation considerations

    On Sunday 22 July 2007 02:13:56 Jeremy Maitin-Shepard wrote:
    > It seems that you could still potentially get a failure to freeze if one
    > FUSE process depends on another, and the one that is frozen second just
    > happens to be waiting on the one that is frozen first when it is frozen.
    > I admit that this situation is unlikely, and perhaps acceptable.
    > A larger concern is that it seems that freezing FUSE processes at all
    > _will_ generate deadlocks if a non-synchronous or memory-map-supporting
    > filesystem is loopback mounted from a FUSE filesystem. In that case, if
    > you attempt to sync or free memory once FUSE is frozen, you are sure to
    > get a deadlock.

    Ok. So then (in response to Alan too), how about keeping a tree of mounts,
    akin to the device tree, and working from the deepest nodes up? (In
    conjunction with what I already suggested)?


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