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    SubjectRe: vm/fs meetup in september?
    > So what you mean is "swap on flash" ?  Defintively sounds like an
    > interesting topic, although I'm not too sure it's all that
    > filesystem-related.

    Maybe not. Yet, it would be a very useful place to store data from a
    file as a non-volatile page cache.

    Also it is something that I believe would benefit from a VFS-like API.
    I mean there is a consistent interface a management layer like this
    could use, yet the algorithms used to order the data and the interface
    to the physical media may vary. There is no single right way to do
    the management layer, much like filesystems.

    Given the page orientation of the current VFS seems to me like there
    might be a nice way to use it for this purpose.

    Or maybe the real experts on this stuff can tell me how wrong that is
    and where it should go :)
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