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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1][RESEND] Driver for the Atmel on-chip SSC on AT32AP and AT91.
    hi Hans-Christian,

    > This driver is used in the ALSA sound driver for the AT73C213 external DAC on
    > the ATSTK1000 development board for AVR32. This sound driver will be submitted
    > soon.

    Seems to be more of an SCC unit allocation library, but OK.

    I've also forwarded a copy of the patch to Frank Mandarino
    <> for his comments. He maintains the current
    AT91 SSC & ALSA support. <sound/soc/at91/>

    > +/* SSC Receive Clock Mode Register */
    > +#define SSC_RCMR 0x00000010
    > +#define SSC_RCMR_CKG_SIZE 2
    > +#define SSC_RCMR_CKG_OFFSET 6
    > +#define SSC_RCMR_CKI_SIZE 1
    > +#define SSC_RCMR_CKI_OFFSET 5
    > +#define SSC_RCMR_CKO_SIZE 3

    I'm personally not a fan of the register & bit definition format the
    AVR32 driver seem to use.
    Can we not rather move the existing include/asm-arm/arch-at91/at91_ssc.h
    to somewhere shared as atmel_ssc.h ?

    Andrew Victor

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