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SubjectRe: [patches] new text patching for review
Andi Kleen wrote:
> Normally there are not that many NMIs or MCEs at boot, but it would
> be still good to avoid the very rare crash by auditing the code first
> [better than try to debug it on some production system later]

Auditing it for what? If we want to make patching safe against NMI/MCE,
I guess we need to make sure those handlers don't use any pvops, but
that seems unreasonable if they want to poke at MSRs and so on.

> In theory yes, in practice there can be errata of course. There tend
> to be a couple with self modifying code, especially cross modifying
> (from another CPU) -- but you don't do that.

No, but the pv-ops patching code should have no requirement for
atomicity at all; we shouldn't be trying to patch a live instruction stream.

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