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SubjectRe: [patch] revert: [NET]: Fix races in net_rx_action vs netpoll

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> the e1000 in this laptop is historically pretty robust. The only
> problem i ever had with it were some rx/tx hw-engine latency problems
> [pings from the outside took up to 1 second to propagate] that were
> quickly fixed by the e1000 driver guys. Maybe that's related.
> (although it never caused total inavailability of networking - it was
> only latency problems)

i've Cc:-ed Auke - maybe he has some ideas? I've also attached all the
other possibly relevant ethtool dumps of eth0 below, done when the hung
interface happens. (Auke, see more details about this problem in this
thread on lkml.)

another thing: how can i make the tx timeout much longer than it is
right now? Maybe an interrupt is delayed for long and we just dont
tolerate things long enough - and once the device tx timeout has been
noticed we kill the interface from subsequent use in essence?

there's one oddity i noticed:

0x02810: RDH (Receive desc head) 0x00000000
0x02818: RDT (Receive desc tail) 0x000000FE

0x03810: TDH (Transmit desc head) 0x00000000
0x03818: TDT (Transmit desc tail) 0x00000000

doesnt this suggest that we have a receive packet, just the irq didnt
come and we didnt process it?

although .. the tx timeout disabled the transmitter and the receiver of
the device, correct? That in itself could have destroyed any evidence of
what happened earlier on. But ... i'm really only guessing here.



MAC Registers
0x00000: CTRL (Device control register) 0x00140248
Endian mode (buffers): little
Link reset: reset
Set link up: 1
Invert Loss-Of-Signal: no
Receive flow control: disabled
Transmit flow control: disabled
VLAN mode: disabled
Auto speed detect: disabled
Speed select: 1000Mb/s
Force speed: no
Force duplex: no
0x00008: STATUS (Device status register) 0x80080783
Duplex: full
Link up: link config
TBI mode: disabled
Link speed: 1000Mb/s
Bus type: PCI
Bus speed: 33MHz
Bus width: 32-bit
0x00100: RCTL (Receive control register) 0x00008002
Receiver: enabled
Store bad packets: disabled
Unicast promiscuous: disabled
Multicast promiscuous: disabled
Long packet: disabled
Descriptor minimum threshold size: 1/2
Broadcast accept mode: accept
VLAN filter: disabled
Cononical form indicator: disabled
Discard pause frames: filtered
Pass MAC control frames: don't pass
Receive buffer size: 2048
0x02808: RDLEN (Receive desc length) 0x00001000
0x02810: RDH (Receive desc head) 0x00000000
0x02818: RDT (Receive desc tail) 0x000000FE
0x02820: RDTR (Receive delay timer) 0x00000000
0x00400: TCTL (Transmit ctrl register) 0x310000F8
Transmitter: disabled
Pad short packets: enabled
Software XOFF Transmission: disabled
Re-transmit on late collision: enabled
0x03808: TDLEN (Transmit desc length) 0x00001000
0x03810: TDH (Transmit desc head) 0x00000000
0x03818: TDT (Transmit desc tail) 0x00000000
0x03820: TIDV (Transmit delay timer) 0x00000008
PHY type: M88
Offset Values
------ ------
0x0000 00 16 41 17 49 d2 30 0b b2 ff 51 00 ff ff ff ff
0x0010 53 00 03 01 6b 02 01 20 aa 17 9a 10 86 80 df 80
0x0020 00 00 00 20 54 7e 00 00 14 00 da 00 04 00 00 27
0x0030 c9 6c 50 31 3e 07 0b 04 8b 29 00 00 00 f0 02 0f
0x0040 08 10 00 00 04 0f ff 7f 01 4d ff ff ff ff ff ff
0x0050 14 00 1d 00 14 00 1d 00 af aa 1e 00 00 00 1d 00
0x0060 00 01 00 40 1f 12 07 40 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff
0x0070 ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ef 9f
Ring parameters for eth0:
Pre-set maximums:
RX: 4096
RX Mini: 0
RX Jumbo: 0
TX: 4096
Current hardware settings:
RX: 256
RX Mini: 0
RX Jumbo: 0
TX: 256

driver: e1000
version: 7.3.20-k2-NAPI
firmware-version: 0.5-1
bus-info: 0000:02:00.0
Offload parameters for eth0:
rx-checksumming: on
tx-checksumming: on
scatter-gather: on
tcp segmentation offload: on
udp fragmentation offload: off
generic segmentation offload: off
NIC statistics:
rx_packets: 0
tx_packets: 591
rx_bytes: 0
tx_bytes: 58116
rx_broadcast: 0
tx_broadcast: 0
rx_multicast: 0
tx_multicast: 0
rx_errors: 0
tx_errors: 0
tx_dropped: 0
multicast: 0
collisions: 0
rx_length_errors: 0
rx_over_errors: 0
rx_crc_errors: 0
rx_frame_errors: 0
rx_no_buffer_count: 0
rx_missed_errors: 0
tx_aborted_errors: 0
tx_carrier_errors: 0
tx_fifo_errors: 0
tx_heartbeat_errors: 0
tx_window_errors: 0
tx_abort_late_coll: 0
tx_deferred_ok: 0
tx_single_coll_ok: 0
tx_multi_coll_ok: 0
tx_timeout_count: 1
tx_restart_queue: 0
rx_long_length_errors: 0
rx_short_length_errors: 0
rx_align_errors: 0
tx_tcp_seg_good: 0
tx_tcp_seg_failed: 0
rx_flow_control_xon: 0
rx_flow_control_xoff: 0
tx_flow_control_xon: 0
tx_flow_control_xoff: 0
rx_long_byte_count: 0
rx_csum_offload_good: 0
rx_csum_offload_errors: 0
rx_header_split: 0
alloc_rx_buff_failed: 0
tx_smbus: 0
rx_smbus: 0
dropped_smbus: 0
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