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    SubjectRe: 2.6.22-git* regression: Kconfig prompts without help text
    Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    > On Jul 16 2007 20:49, Stefan Richter wrote:
    >>It is an error to add visible Kconfig options without help text. Among
    >>them are the new "menuconfig" options. Jan obviously never uses "make
    > Untrue. Users of menuconfig/xconfig/gconfig who do not know what an
    > item is supposed to do would not get any helptext either.

    I mentioned 'make oldconfig' because there you can't get a preview of
    what other options you are perhaps about to enable or disable.

    > It's just that I did not quite know what helptext to put there
    > besides some trivial "enable this to see more fluffy options from
    > this category". Feel free to add Blame-From: <srichter> :)

    Maybe I'm extraordinarily dumb, but I felt unable to determine for sure
    what consequences enabling or disabling some of those new prompts had
    when I ran 'make oldconfig' for the first time in a post-2.6.22 tree.

    Will saying Y merely present further options, or will it actually cause
    something to be built?

    > But see below.
    >>Most of these options were added after 2.6.22:
    >>Here are suggestions for help texts. Please verify if they are correct
    >>and check whether there are more new (menuconfig) options without help
    > Other config options without text include:
    > CRYPTO_HW (b511431d85948823ec58639bd3137b910964be34)
    > AUXDISPLAY (f5920969fb9e29c9d60568864d0a56fe85e8f4b6)
    > VIRTUALIZATION (de062065a5293d8f434acb2d6ba5df87ad76bbd9)
    > ATM_DRIVERS (4151ce3159c18a990da7fd6f0fe36c73d1c40f87)
    > NETDEV_1000 (f30486d57bceec2364aa696403d64429ada61b60)
    > NETDEV_10000 (f30486d57bceec2364aa696403d64429ada61b60)
    > Thanks for the starting help texts. I have produced a cumulative patch
    > with both yours and the extra ones listed above.

    Thanks for making an actual patch out of it and adding these other bits.

    > Can we somehow sneak
    > this directly in without split-to-maintainers? tis' just some help text.
    > (Patch below)
    >>I believe one possible *bug* of this menuconfig stuff is that if (1.)
    >>user X disables menuconfig A in linux-2.6.x because nothing interesting
    >>for him is in there, (2.) developer Y adds something very interesting in
    >>menu A in linux-2.6.x+1, --> (3.) user X will miss this new option when
    >>he runs "make oldconfig" when switching to linux-2.6.x+1 because
    >>everything between 'if A'...'endif # A' will be invisible and disabled.
    > If I once said "I don't want no USB", I do not want to be prompted in a later
    > version for USB_COFFEE_PAD. :)

    Sure, if I disable USB now I expect that I may possibly miss
    USB_COFFEE_PAD in 2.6.47. That wouldn't worry me.

    But what about loosely defined categories like BLK_DEV, INSTRUMENTATION,
    MISC_DEVICES? What functionality will be provided by their suboptions
    in 2.6.47?
    Stefan Richter
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