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    SubjectRe: [ofa-general] Further 2.6.23 merge plans...
     > > But to be fair, it will be difficult to enable both QoS and local PR
    > > caching. To me, this would be the strongest reason against using it.
    > > However, QoS places additional burden on the SA, which will make scaling
    > > even more challenging.
    > my understanding is that the local sa does a path-query where all the fields
    > except for the SGID are wildcard-ed. This means we expect the result to be a
    > table of all the paths from this port to every other port on the fabrics for
    > every pkey which this port is a member of etc, correct?
    > How do you plug here the QoS concept of SID in the path query? are you
    > expecting the SA to realize what are all the services for which this port is
    > a "member"? does the proposed definision for QoS management at the SA
    > defines "services per gids" isn't it "what SL to user per Service"?

    Or, thanks for rescuing this post.

    I think this is an important question. If we merge the local SA
    stuff, then are we creating a problem for dealing with QoS? Are we
    going to have to revert the local SA stuff once the QoS stuff is
    available? Or is there at least a sketch of a plan on how to handle

    - R.
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