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    SubjectRe: Hibernation considerations
    On Mon, 16 Jul 2007, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

    > On Sunday, 15 July 2007 14:58, Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
    >> * Rafael J. Wysocki ( wrote:
    >>> (5) Hibernation should be transparent from the applications' point of view
    >>> Generally, applications should not notice that hibernation took place.
    >>> [Note that I don't regard all processes as applications and I think that
    >>> there may be processes which need to handle the hibernation in a special
    >>> way.] Ideally, for example, if some audio is being played when a
    >>> hibernation starts, the audio player should be able to continue playing the
    >>> same audio after the restore from the point in which it has been
    >>> interrupted by the hibernation. Also, the CPU affinities and similar
    >> That would be _so_ embarrassing in a library; I'd rather the audio
    >> player had the opportunity to consider whether restarting was a good idea.
    >>> (6) State of devices from before hibernation should be restored, if possible
    >>> If possible, during a restore devices should be brought back to the same
    >>> state in which they were before the corresponding hibernation. Of course
    >>> in some situations it might be impossible to do that (eg. the user
    >>> connected the hibernated system to a different IP subnet and then
    >>> restored), but as a general rule, we should do our best to restore the
    >>> state of devices, which is directly related to point (5) above.
    >> Or the user unplugs their flash drive after hibernation rather than before.
    >> Two things which I think would be nice to consider are:
    >> 1) Encryption - I'd actually prefer if my luks device did not
    >> remember the key accross a hibernation; I want to be forced to
    >> reenter the phrase. However I don't know what the best thing
    >> to do to partitions/applications using the luks device is.
    > Encryption is possible with both the userland hibernation (aka uswsusp) and
    > TuxOnIce (formerly known as suspend2). Still, I don't consider it as a "must
    > have" feature for a framework to be generally useful (many users don't use it
    > anyway).

    he's talking about the main system useing an encrypted device/partition,
    not the hibernate image being stored encrypted.

    This would require the main system 'forget' the keys when it does the
    hinbernate and prompt for it again during the wake-up phase.

    David Lang

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