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    SubjectRe: e100 PCI bridge problem
    Krzysztof Halasa wrote:

    >William Montgomery <> writes:
    >>In an earlier post to the list I described a hard lockup condition
    >>that occurs on linux kernels 2.4.22, 2.6.13, and 2.6.17 when using
    >>a 4 port 10/100 fast ethernet card. The lockup is easily repeatable
    >>and occurs on 2 out of 3 computers.
    >>Further testing has revealed that the lockup can be prevented on all
    >>computers by making sure the card is installed on the primary PCI bus.
    >>If the card is installed in a slot on the secondary PCI bus (behind a
    >>PCI to PCI bridge) the lockup occurs.
    >Does the machine #3 have a PCI slot connected to a "secondary" bus?
    >Have you tried with any other machine with a secondary bus?
    The #3 machine doesn't have a secondary bus. #1 and #2 are from 2
    different vendors (#1 Advantech - #2 Axiomtek) and I havent tried any
    othe machines.

    >>Are there any PCI tuning registers that I can tweak to get around
    >>this problem? Any changes I could make to the e100 driver to fix this?
    >Could be a hardware/BIOS problem on machines #1 and #2. Could be
    >a Linux bug as well, though similar configurations are known to work
    >fine. I don't think it has anything to do with IRQs.
    >Perhaps it doesn't like a bridge (on the card) behind a bridge
    >(on the motherboard). I would test with another multiport card
    >such as old DLink DFE-570TX (using a DEC 21150 bridge and four
    >21143 Ethernet chips).
    >I'd probably use some PCI analyzer or, at least, I'd check
    >the bus state with a multimeter.
    The #1 and #2 machines are known to work with an older Adaptec ANA-62044
    4port NIC (tulip based) with an onboard Intel 21154 bridge chip. The
    card I am having problems with uses an onboard Hint Corp HB6 Universal
    PCI-PCI bridge.

    I am using a PCI analyzer and it shows the bus in an idle state after
    the lockup. The PCI transactions just prior to the lockup show a couple
    of interrupts from the card which appear to be handled correctly.
    Anything I should be looking for in particular?

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